Monday, July 26, 2010

A Dead Squirrel Cozy? Unbelievable!

I just read about Scottish brewery BrewDog and couldn't believe it.  I'd thought at my age I just couldn't be shocked by anything STRANGE again.  People hurting people still shocks me, but this is different.

A cozy made from a squirrel's body?  And it sells for $750 a bottle?  It's supposed to be 55 percent alcohol, so I suppose you could get a buzz from it, but still...

Squirrels just want to be free, to ride Harleys and explore the wide open roads.  They don't want to be cozies.

One day soon squirrels are going to get angry over this treatment.  They're tough little critters.  Keep it up and one day a dead one will slither right on up the bottle you're drinking and bite your lips off!

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