Wendy Joseph said...

I am a Rogue Angel fan and adventure author (The Witch's Hand, All Things That Matter Press), and am interested in writing a Rogue Angel novel. I hold two Master's in English, have a strong background in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, have swordplay training, and work as a deckhand in the Merchant Marine, during the plying of which trade I've been chased by Somali pirates. If you can offer any help or advice as to who to address at Harlequin I would appreciate it.I would be pleased to send you an excerpt of The Witch's Hand or the two other adventure tales I am currently writing. Thank you.

Wendy Joseph

johnathan ray custom said...

Its A great series! one of favorites,always thought it would make a great tv series. Best of luck to you.

John Hanscom said...

Mr. Odem - I understand Gold Eagle no longer publishes. Will there be any more in the Rogue Angel series?

John Hanscom,