Monday, February 12, 2007

University of Oklahoma's "Short Course on Professional Writing"

Years ago, after I just got started in the writing business, I was invited to speak at OU's writing retreat. At that time, the "Professional Writer's Short Course," as it was known then, attracted a large group of interested writers from all over the state. The talks featured writers, agents, and editors from around the United States.

I went to others over the years. I enjoyed them all. During that time I got to meet writers and editors I eventually worked with on various projects, and my agent, Ethan Ellenberg (

Somewhere in there, though, the Short Course disappeared. Its absence has left a huge hole in the Oklahoma writing scene. Many writers came up through the Professional Writing program at the University. As of this semester, I'm an adjunct there.

This past weekend, I met Will Prescott and Jocelyn Pedersen. Together with Elizbeth Childers, Will and Jocelyn are pushing to ressurect the Short Course back into the area.

If you're interested in more information or possibly helping making this happen, check out the Professional Writers Annonymous at

The next PWSA meeting will be Saturday, February 24 at 2:00 pm in the PW lounge in Copeland Hall. They will plan bringing back the PW Short Course and starting the first book club.

If you have any questions they've generously provided phone numbers:

Elizabeth 405-650-7390
Will 405-343-4096

Check it out. The Short Course was awesome. Those few days provided a ton of opportunities and chances to meet working professionals.


Sheila said...

The course sounds fascinating! Why can't you be my teacher. How about teaching in Michigan! haha although if you don't come I don't blame you! It's freckin FREEZING here!

Mel Odom said...

Hi Sheila,

I've been noticing your comments. I've also checked out your blog. Looks good.

I actually have hopes of starting to teach at different universities in the summers or winters (short courses so I'm not gone from home long). It would be cool to meet other writers and see more of the country.

Maybe someday.


runbdp said...

Thanks for the post, Mel.

Katie said...

Wow. that is so great. It really does sounds like it would be a great opportunity.