Sunday, June 10, 2007

I went to SoonerCon this weekend to see my good buddy Keith Birdsong (in the red shirt above). Many of you may recognize his name from all the Star Trek covers he did for Pocket Books on the novels. Others of you may remember him from the postage stamps he did that featured Olympic athletes and American Indian fancy dancers. He's done a ton of stuff throughout the years and we've been best of friends since 1991 when we met and he asked me, "Do you want to hear a joke?"

Keith has since been telling me jokes for years. Regretably, many of them are the same ones. On the positive side, it's always a blast listening to Keith tell them.

Oscar Ray (in sunglasses proclaiming "star" quality) is co-founder of Muskogee's film school Dark Wood Film Arts Institute ( Oscar was a wild man at Saturday night's dance. But he was just getting ready to star in a stage production of "The Full Monty" in Muskogee, so this was just a warm-up!

That grinning, handsome young man standing near me is my son Chandler. This was only his second con and he had a blast. He's ready to go again.

I picked up a new digital camera this weekend, so I'm going to try to liven up the posts on this blog. I've mastered the technology.

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Katie M. said...

Sounds like it was a great time and its a great photo by the way! :)