Monday, July 30, 2007

I Met Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) At San Diego Con This Weekend!

When I found out Kristen Bell was going to be at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend, I immediately bought a ticket to have a picture taken with her. She’s been the smartest, sassiest teen detective on television EVER!

Unfortunately, I got busy and forgot about the photo. If Farah from Gold Eagle Books hadn’t reminded me, I would have missed this opportunity. I dashed over fifteen minutes too late but Kristen was kind enough to take the picture anyway.

During the shoot, I got to talk to her for a few minutes. She’s absolutely a doll. Kind, witty, sincere. Just exactly the way I’d hoped she would be. I’ve met Adam Arkin and Mark Harmon before and had the same experience. It’s nice to know that stars remain approachable and grounded.

Alas, Veronica Mars is no more. I’d been hoping to get the chance to write some tie-in novels based on the show. I guess there’s always fanfic, but my schedule doesn’t permit that.

But I was even more smitten with Kristen after meeting her. She’s gorgeous, fun, and friendly.

Kristen, thank you again for taking time to take the picture! And I wish you continued success in your career.


Katie M. said...

That is so cool!!!

Katie M. said...

and it's a great picture by the way :)

Rinda Elliott said...

You know, I never got to watch this show. We had some weird mixup with our Cable and that channel wouldn't come in the first few weeks it aired. I never tried to catch up. Now I wish I had. You aren't the only writer who was excited by the show.