Sunday, August 12, 2007

Readers Write!

Getting email from a reader can be pleasant or painful. When you open an email, you never know what you're going to get.

Case in point is this letter I got today. But let the writer speak for himself.

im writeing to ask if you look at what you are typing as from the amount of mistakes in the hellgate london book "exodus" most of which are simple things like "lie" insted of "he" beg to differ and the mistakes are VERY comon though out the book

I wanted to let him know that I took his comments to heart, and that I am out to make this world a better place for English. So herewith is my response.

You do realize that what you wrote is one long run-on sentence that is garbled, right?

I assume you mean, do I check my work? Yes, I do. I assume you mean there are mistakes. If so, I’m only partly to blame. The book went through the hands of two editors (editorial and line editors) as well as reference staff from the game company, all of whom had the ability to change things at any point AFTER I was done with the manuscript.

And then there are errors committed by the printer.

Also, to show you I can read and edit, here you go:

im should be I’m

writeing should be writing

hellgate london should be capitalized and appropriately punctuated to fall in line with the game Hellgate: London

insted should be instead

comon should be common

through out is a compound word and should be spelled throughout



Katie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHA. That was great. Sorry you got the nasty e-mail but you answered it in the only way it could be.

Ron Simpson said...


Nolan said...

That had to be a joke. There is no conceivable way that person could correct a published author, with serious mistakes of their own staring right at them!

This is madness!

Mel Odom said...

It wasn't a joke. His friend emailed me and apologized for his buddy using his email address.

And, actually, you wouldn't believe the spiteful email I sometimes get. I've had Christian readers take me to task for writing Sabrina and Buffy, and I've had Buffy readers take me to task for writing Christian books.

It's a weird world, but sometimes weird pays the bills. :)

Florian said...

Unfortunately there are really a lot of errors in the book. Not grammatical or stylistic errors but the type of error you get when you scan a text and use an OCR software - like 'hut' instead of 'but' and or the example in the mail.
I think this is a pity because it spoiled the reading experience a bit (but I really liked the story).

p.s. English is not my first language, any corrections are appreciated.

Wes said...

Oooh, Burn (pun intended).

Great job on the book. I recently picked up the game (then the graphic novel), and found that I really wanted more materiel to fill things in, and it offered plenty. I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment.

As far as the email, chalk it up to the increasingly incessant blathering that iKids do these days. I can't stand how the "internet shorthand" mentality pretty much means "I can write whatever I want, and they'll somehow understand it...".

Kids these days... and I'm only 27! Maybe i'm just a snob for expecting people to know how to spell...

Le sigh.

fanboy13 said...

I don't know if you still check this blog comments but I loved hellgate london. The novel itself was pure brilliantce. Thanks for writing such a gerat book

guitarlover567 said...

I really hope you still check this mel odom. I have read your three hellgate books throughout the years many times, and I have always been sad that there are no more. I recently, as in today, just saw that you had three more additions to it. I was wondering, if you had the time, to send me an email sometime, and let me know what happened?

I know the game wasn't very popular, but I LOVED the books. And I would rather not have to get the game to finish the series lol.