Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bioshock Available Now!

My first love in gaming is the FIRST PERSON SHOOTER, also known as FPS and "twitch" games in the business.

2K Studios has just released an awesome new game that is going to blow gamers away. If I'm any indication. It's an underwater world...(see how pretty it is!)...

...that has gone totally rancid. Filled with zombie-like undead and monstrous bad guys, the game is plainly...

...disturbing. See? This guy even has half a mind!

But there's loads of action!

Translation: You get to die a lot! And often!

But the game is very heroic, too, with a well-developed storyline that kept me at the console as much for that as for play. I'm on a tight deadline so I don't get to play much. Just enough to totally whet my appetite. But I'll be caught up soon.

And then I'm gonna save the world!



Katie said...

I'm not a gamer but the stills are pretty cool.

Wes said...

If you liked Bioshock, see if you can get a hold of the System Shock series (the spiritual predecessor of Bioshock), also, check out

Even if you don't agree, you'll get a kick out of it.