Sunday, December 09, 2007

Spinning Fire!

Every year I teach college, I end up learning as much as the students, it seems. I didn't even know anyone did this.

My student in these pictures showed me these and you could see the pride in her eyes and hear it in her voice. I love being around someone who loves what they're doing.

She's part of a group of street performers. I can't imagine setting yourself on fire every night. Or at least coming close to doing that. But she obviously loves it. I hope to catch the next show they do.

These images were taken by a photography student friend who was experimenting with the light exposures. They look totally cool!


Skeeter said...

Gawd these pics are cool.

Ron Simpson said...

her new Indian name is Dances With Fire.

T.C. said...

Wow. Those pictures are so beautiful and mesmerizing. I would think that would hurt, least burn a little, anyway.

Coop in a cage said...

wow thats rly cool O.O ive never seen anything like it