Sunday, March 29, 2009

Horror Movies!

One of the startling trends that results from a downturn in the economy is the increased popularity of horror movies. When I was a kid I didn't like to watch them. My imagination made them way too real.

However, as I got older and realized there were more substantial horrors (like debt, unemployment, and the fact that my world could turn south on a dime), things like zombies, vampires, and other supernatural creatures -- and the odd serial killer or two -- stopped bothering me. After all, I'd never seen any of those things.

I learned to appreciate good horror in the spirit (so to speak) in which it was intended. Horror either delivers a few quick chills, an impending sense of doom, or ribald humor. Anything else, and it fails.

A Haunting In Connecticut has its basis in an urban legend that is much more tame than the movie version. Doubtless, it was still creepy to everyone that lived there. I went to the theater Friday night with a couple of my students from OU and we had a blast. The movie has good pacing, is well acted, has some good cinematic moments, and the atmosphere created by the use of surround sound and music is terrific.

If you enjoy a good haunted house story (and who doesn't?), this one will certainly fit the bill.

While there, we also saw the trailer for Sam Raimi's horror film coming in May. It's called Drag Me To Hell and it looks decidedly creepy. It has to do with a gypsy curse, and you have to love that. Hopefully the movie will release before my students flee college for the summer.

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