Monday, September 06, 2010

Resident Evil Afterlife

Yep, I'll be there this Friday.  Looks like more action than horror, but I'm okay with that.  My son Shiloh grew up playing these things (with the music turned off because it creeped him out).  And the music in this movie sounds creepy too.  I'm taking him with me.  Don't know what he's going to do.  And it's embarrassing to have a 21-year old man crying on your shoulder because he's afraid of the dark...and zombies.


David Cranmer said...

I'm there! Terrific series.

Terry said...

Right Arm Dude! Zombies rule...speaking of witch - Mel, when are you going to write your own Zombie World Series??? It would be awesome since we all know from taking your classes that you are indeed a very kool zombie.
Terry Hubbard - former student and current zombie dude

PS - I recommend SHAUN OF THE DEAD for you and your son.