Saturday, October 09, 2010

Doc Savage Statue

I loved the Doc Savage pulp reprints from Bantam as a kid.  This is one of those statues I'll have to pick up for my office.  More details here.


Shavager said...

I bought the Mark Van Tine Doc Savage statue-unique and hard to find. The Shawn Nagle Doc Savage is a striking version of Bama's Man of Bronze cover and an excellent sculpt just as Tony Cipriano's new ReelArt Studios Doc statue from Bob Larkin's art is a very nice 19" edtion of Doc Savage-pre-ordered 6 months ahead to make sure I got one. This new Doc Savage from Electric Tiki and sculpted by Ruben Procopio is definitely a must have statue, looks like an great design from Ruben and Bryan Wynia. Tracy Lee of ET says production on the statue is finished and paint schemes are being applied with the statue's availability expected to be summer 2011! Can't wait to get one!

Shavager said...

Doc Savage fans can go to Ruben Procopio's website: or to (upcoming pulp publications site) or look up Tracy Mark Lee on and see the Doc Savage statue from Electric Tiki after painting. The Doc Savage logo is visible thru the blue dome which represents Doc's Fortress of Solitude.