Monday, January 16, 2012

Who's New (Again) In The DCU?

And here are the six new titles coming from DC's New 52 in the coming months to replace the six that got axed.

Batman Incorporated is a no-brainer to a degree.  It met with a lot of acceptance and fans were miffed when it got retconned.  However, the plans are for a LONG story arc that could potentially cheese off as many readers as it makes happy.  Batman and and his newly franchised legions square off against Talia Al Ghul and Robin (Damien) is caught in the middle.

It'll get a good run, but then what do you do after that story wraps?

The Haunted Tank is one of my favorite strips, and this is going to be a return to World War II stories from what I see.  The main headliner is gonna be The War That Time Forgot, which could offer enough science fiction goodness to keep readers coming back.  Besides the Haunted Tank back up, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are gonna write some Unknown Soldier stories, and they've got the chops to deliver done-in-one tales as well as multi-parters that will deliver in action.  This new incarnation of GI COMBAT could work.

Duh!  Everybody was wondering when this one was gonna be done.  James Robinson is gonna write it, so it should be good.  Gonna be interesting to see who's in the line up on Earth 2, which is what the book is gonna be called this time out.

Now this one is interesting.  Power Girl and the Huntress were both original Earth 2 creations that got lost along the way with the Crisis storyline that brought everything back down to one earth.  Now, with multiple earths again, the two are going on a road trip to figure out their true origins and where they fit into things.  It's a great premise, but unless the characters really gel, what are you gonna do after that?  This one's called World's Finest, which originally featured Superman and Batman teamups.

Don't know about this one.  The Ravager, Deathstroke's daughter, gets her own team and has ties to both the Teen Titans and Superboy strips in The Ravagers.  I like Rose.  Gotta see who she gets paired up with, but the idea of fighting against supervillains out to make them part of their organization is kinda cool.  But, again, for how long?

And is this one gonna depend on the survival of the Deathstroke strip?

I'm of mixed feelings about this one.  When I was a kid, I loved the idea of the H Dial and being able to just change into a hero but not knowing what you were gonna get.  ("Becoming a hero is like a box of chocolates...")  China Mieville is slated to write this one, but his take on the Swamp Thing got nuked so I wonder how neatly he's gonna fit into the DCU.  He's a great novelist.  If he could do his own thing, unfettered, it would probably be really neat.

So?  See any favorites?  Sure bets?

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