Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All New X-Men #1

This one really caught my eye.  I remember reading the original X-Men and couldn't get enough.  Then Chris Claremont came along and blew everything out of this world.
Love the art on this one, so I'm excited to see how this works out.  I'll be buying a digital copy for my iPad when this one comes out.


Richard Prosch said...

I agree, Mel! Out of all the Marvel NOW offerings, this looks to be one of the best!

Penelopecat said...

I haven't read X-Men regularly (or many Marvel comics) for a while. This whole Marvel NOW thing has me interested because it gives me a chance to jump back on some old favorites without feeling like I'm joining in the middle of a long run. So far, I've really enjoyed All-New X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and Thor. Looking forward to Captain America, Hulk, and the Avengers stuff.