Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wonder Bread

Ever since Hostess went bankrupt, my 15 year old has been whining.  He's not fretting over Twinkies, which so many people began hoarding (good thing they have a shelf life of, well, forever).  He's been complaining that all the other breads we've bought just haven't been the same as Wonder Bread.

Truthfully, I have to agree with him.  They haven't been the same.  Admittedly, I strayed from Wonder Bread occasionally when trying other breads to spice up sandwiches, but there's something about putting one of those colorful packages in your shopping cart that always made life feel somehow happier.

All these years and I never questioned why the loaves were packaged as they were with the red, yellow, and blue dots.  I just figured they were balloons and let it go at that.  Turns out I was right -- they are balloons.  Elmer Cline, the vice president for merchandising back in 1921, saw the International Balloon Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and used the imagery on the packaging.

The Wonder Bread brand, as well as other brands, have been recently acquired by Flowers Foods (Mrs. Freshley's and Tastykake) and will hopefully be back on the shelves soon.  I know Chandler will be relieved, even though now we've discovered that bread in general is the new "crack."


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