Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Rancho Diablo: Songbird!

Bill Crider wrote this one, folks, and he did an awesome job if I have to say so myownsellf.  Our cover model is the beautiful Kasey Lansdale, daughter of author Joe Lansdale, and she is a songstress in real life as well.
This story is truly a riot, part Western, part tall tale, and part action.  It's a blend that's just a blast to read.  When I sat down to go over it (Bill, James, and I always look over each other's stuff), I was swept away in the story and forgot what I was supposed to be there doing time after time.  Bill makes Shooter's Cross come to life, builds on the existing characters, and adds more fuel to the fire.  The Rancho Diablo world just comes to life with him spinning tales.

Grab this one.  You'll enjoy it.


Peter Brandvold said...

Thanks for the review, Mel. I love this series. I'll be getting mine in a few minutes.

When's GREY WARRIOR coming out? That cover and title are very intriguing.

Mean Pete

Penelopecat said...

I just realized that not only had I not checked to see if there were any new Rancho Diablo books out for a while, I haven't even read the last one. Clearly, my priorities are all out of whack! (And I second Pete's question about GREY WARRIOR, and am still hoping we see the first(?) Shooter York book sooner rather than later.)