Friday, March 01, 2013

Feel Good Moment

I absolutely love the fact that the Obamas are such a down-to-earth First Family.  I've seen this video of the First Lady dancing with Jimmy Fallon several times, and every time I get a good feeling about the fact that this woman and her husband are people I could actually talk with -- and laugh with.

I know she's probably getting a lot of criticism from folks.  Every parent takes a hit from other parents at one time or another because of some parenting choice or another.  God knows I did for several things.  My kids have turned out well and still like me most days -- which is about the best you can ask for.  I can remember when I was a single stay at home dad and got criticized for not having a job, though I was writing novels and making more money than I could have anywhere else.  I just didn't advertise the fact and most people in the neighborhood wouldn't have believed it.  Now I'm listed as a Famous Oklahoman (right under Chuck Norris), and most people don't know that either.

Michelle Obama is having fun here, but her message is serious regarding the health of our kids.  My fifteen year old deal with a precursor to Type II diabetes, which directly relates to the program the First Lady champions so well.

This is still one of my favorite pictures of Barack Obama.

Since when has this country ever had a more approachable First Family?  We'll probably never see the like again.

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