Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Jude Hardin's Colt

The Prequel to Jude Hardin's Nicholas Colt private eye/rock and roller series.

October 21: just an ordinary day, unless you’re a former rock star…

The sole survivor of a plane crash…

A private investigator working out of a camper…

For Nicholas Colt, October 21 is an unlucky day. A day for nightmares. It always has been, and this year is no exception.

Someone is brutally murdering the offspring of an anonymous sperm donor, and Colt’s missing client is next on the list. With less than four days to find the young man—and, with a pair of drug-addicted study partners, a violent motorcycle gang, a stalker ex-girlfriend, and a host of other obstacles standing in his way—Colt faces the most challenging and deadly case of his life.

Jude Hardin is the author of six Nicholas Colt novels and one short story. Each works as a standalone, but many readers prefer to experience the events of the series in chronological order. If you are one of those readers, this list is for you:


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Gerald Roper said...

I read Crosscut and Pocket 47 and enjoyed them(this boy can get up with the best of 'em!)I'll check into the others.....again thanks for the info you put out there about books you enjoy so we can too(if we have the time, I still got 23 more Travis McGees to work on)!