Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Undying Fire

This is Steven's second book in the series!

After the traumatic events on Mithris, Natalie Bliss struggles to recover her memory and power. She returns to Arcadia, the planet of the gods, to reunite with the Phoenix Guardians.

Natalie’s peaceful homecoming is ruined by the alarming behavior of her golem housekeeper, Florentina. Obsessed with tales of the legendary Golem Army of Calypso, Florentina sends Natalie and her friends on a dangerous quest to find the army.

But they're not the only ones looking for this powerful force. A mysterious enemy is planning an attack on the capital city of Calypso, which is about to host the famous Arcadian Games.

Natalie’s worries intensify when something precious is stolen from her—a theft that could endanger not just her life, but her soul.

The seconds are counting down to the beginning of the Arcadian Games. Time is running out for Natalie and her friends to save the city from a monstrous threat.

But even if Natalie can save Calypso, it may be too late to save herself.


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