Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's For Dinner?

Last night my nine-year-old Chandler came home with his school portfolio. He was supposed to share it. So I looked it over.

Homework, examples of his writing in journal form, and questionaires he'd answered were included in the packet. I read all of them with interest. You really don't know how your child's mind works as a parent because you tend to think you already know.

Plus -- you simply don't ask the right questions.

On one of the questionaires, Chandler was asked if he'd rather be:
a) lizard
b) buzzard
c) snake

Personally, I would have pointed out how limited the selection of the species were. But that's how I think.

Chandler went with it and gave them an answer. That's my boy: always one for answers.

He chose a snake.

Below the question and answer, the kids were supposed to state why they chose the animal they did.

Chandler's answer was simple and well-thought out. He replied, "I bet mice would taste better than ants and dead animals."

All things considered, I have to admit that he's probably right.

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Katie said...

that is so funny! He's proably right too. :)