Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Rocking the Beer Gut" Blew Me Away!

I recently had a roadtrip with my daughter. We drove six hours to Arkansas and six hours back. I normally listen to audiobooks while traveling, but she's not big on those and I had to work. So while she drove, I pounded the keyboard.

Montana listens to country music. I grew up with it but a lot of it gets on my nerves these days. I prefer blues if I listen to music.

On the way back, we heard Trailer Choir's release, "Rocking the Beer Gut" and I couldn't believe it. When we got back home, I had to check them out. You can hear the song on video here, and find out more about the band here.

They're a lot of fun, full of energy and good feelings. You probably won't hear any music that will change your life, but you're going to rock out in the car and pick up some chorus lines that will be buzzing through your head for days. And you won't be able to stop singing, "Rocking the Beer Gut."

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