Sunday, June 21, 2009

So, Dad, How Do You Make Ghosts?

My eleven year old thinks outside the box. Any box. I'm casually reading today and a thought strikes him while he's playing Ghostbusters on the 360 (great game, BTW). He asks if me I thought it would be neat if people could make ghosts.

I say, "No, because they have people that make ghosts, then they lock them up in prison for being murderers."

Then he says, "I mean fake ghosts."

I say, "No, they lock those people up too. They call them frauds and con artists."

"No, artificial ghosts."

I think about it for a moment and say, "Why would you want to make artificial ghosts? Who would you sell them to?"

By this time I'm thinking he's maybe considering opening up the supernatural equivalent of a lemonade stand for the summer. GHOSTS FOR SALE!

He admits that he hasn't got that part worked out yet, but still thinks it would be cool to make artificial ghosts.

I tell him with all the Goth stuff so popular these days, he could probably sell them if he figures out a way to make them.

That kid's gonna make me millions one of these days. :)


Big Plain V said...

I'd totally buy one. (He'll take plastic, right?)

Mel Odom said...

I'd hope so. But I'd also have to figure out storage for them. Especially if they're noisy!