Friday, May 14, 2010

Can I Get A Boo-Yeah??

I've really had a blast watching this season's of run of Human Target.  It's been a fun blend of action and comic relief.  The show doesn't take itself too seriously, and the actors are definitely having fun doing the episodes.

The film work is feature movie quality and looks great.  One of the really cool things about the series is the way Mark Valley's character, Christopher Chance, gets illuminated.  For a long time comic book fans, there is a big difference between the character they read in DC Comics and the one on television.  However, this season managed to bridge those two version successfully.

I just found out the show is coming back for a second season.  I'm really happy.  If you haven't seen Human Target, catch it in re-runs, Netflix, or on hulu.


B. Burns said...

Yes you can get a Boo-Yeah. Human Target is great.

Mel Odom said...


What are you doing now? Good to know you're still lurking around my blog. :)

B. Burns said...

I'm writing at a small newspaper, tutoring people in math and trying to really write fiction in a disciplined way. I also just finished my first semester of seminary.

You bet I'm still lurking on your blog. I'd hate to lose touch with you.