Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enjoyed Memphis Beat and Knight & Day

I had a good time with both of these.  MEMPHIS BEAT felt a little rushed in some places, especially at the end, but the overall character development of the principal worked for me, and the music score was awesome.  I think the show's going to do fine once it gets its feet firmly on the ground.  Jason Lee is likeable as a cop and as an Elvis impersonator.  I didn't think he had the chops, but he does.  He's endearing in this role, edgy and still innocent, still a believer.

KNIGHT & DAY is an uneven blend of action thriller and romantic suspense.  It reminded me of ROMANCING THE STONE in some ways (primarily all good), but there was some development missing and sometimes the creative leaps were too big for the audience to fill in on short notice.  Outside of the two main characters, there was hardly any development at all, and even the two stars really only related to each other.  Still, it was totally fun and the stunts, one-liners, were awesome.

What did surprise me was how much crossover there was between MEMPHIS BEAT and KNIGHT & DAY.  The police captain on MEMPHIS was the CIA leader on KNIGHT, and both main male characters had the same mom.  Kind of weird watching them back to back like that.

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