Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kasey Lansdale

Last weekend I went to SoonerCon to hang out with my buddy Joe Lansdale.  We hadn't seen each other in about four years or so.  We're guys, so things were pretty much the same and we're both busy with projects.  It was a great visit and I love talking to Joe.

But the thing that blew me away was his daughter, Kasey Lansdale.  She's blossomed into a beautiful young lady.  She's also a country and western singer, and I just kind of took that in stride and thought, Sure everybody's a country singer these days.

Neighbor, I'm here to tell you that Kasey is the real deal.  Her voice is pure and sweet and a delight to listen to.  I wouldn't have believed it.  I believe Joe about most things (except when I know he's pulling my leg), but I'd thought his good words about Kasey were simply a manifestation of parental pride.  Here's a presentation from Flickr.

I don't listen to country music.  I'm more of a blues guy.  Delbert McClinton and Bonnie Raitt rock my soul.

But Kasey has become a new favorite.

Check out her site for a preview of her music.  And just so you know, she's a professional songwriter for Nashville.  A legend in the making.  See her now.

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