Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meredith Fletcher Review

A push for fellow writer's new book.

From J. Mozingo:

Meredith Fletcher does it again ... another great read!

Wow! Amazing! Fletcher tells a story with a short time line that fills an entire novel, yet writes tight. Every word counts. No fluff anywhere. Strong, believable characters, equally matched, with understandable motivation. Appropriate push and pull angst, but not too much. Witty repartee. Explosive beginning. Fast pace. Tension at every turn. Solid story. All loose ends neatly tied.

Seamless writing with an economy of words takes the reader on a luxury ride.

In "Best Man for the Job" Meredith Fletcher gives readers the terse writing and fast pace of James Patterson books, but with greater emotional depth. A winning combination for this reader.

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