Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ebook Design Conference 2012

Got a novel/short story that you've been keeping hidden away in a sock drawer or in the back of the closet because New York doesn't seem interested?  Do you believe in  your skills as a writer and just want to get your stories out there?

My colleague Michael Kent (professor of rhetoric at the University of Oklahoma and author of Microsoft Word(PC) to Kindle: Secrets and Lies of Perfect Formatting and MAC to Kindle: Secrets and Lies of Perfect Formatting) are putting together a seminar that we plan to host in April of 2012.  We will offer instruction on formatting your manuscript for ebook publication, discuss book cover construction, and cover marketing strategies.

At this point we're planning to keep the venue small enough to manage and still give individual attention to participants.  I'd like to encourage all local writing groups/individuals to contact us regarding potential attendance.

Contact me here at your convenience.  We want to get a headcount on interested parties.  Thanks!


Caine said...

What part of the country would this be in?

Mel Odom said...

Oklahoma City/Norman area.