Friday, March 30, 2012

The Phoenix Guardian

On the planet Mithris, humanity is caught in a terrible war . . . and the gods don’t care.

Serena is an eighteen year-old girl who doesn’t care about the gods. She just wants to be left alone.

Unfortunately for Serena, a strange girl named Natalie Bliss falls out of the sky with an urgent mission: Serena must help her stop the war and save the world.

Natalie claims to have been sent by the Pantheon (the deities who run the universe) to confront the negligent gods of Mithris. The gods need to intervene before mankind destroys itself—and Serena has a vital role in Natalie’s plan.

Serena is thrust into a supernatural world that she never believed in, and she demands to know why she was chosen. Natalie won’t tell her—yet. When the truth is revealed, Serena must choose between walking away . . . or uniting her fate with the survival of mankind.

As the girls get closer to the Tower of the Gods, they face terrifying assassins, raging infernos, and falling bombs. Secrets surround them as Serena tries to discover her true identity—and unravel the mystery of the red-haired girl who carries a magical umbrella.

The girls hope that the gods will answer their plea for help, but they may already be too late. Betrayal stalks among the gods of Mithris, and the traitor has dangerous secrets that could destroy them all.

The clock is ticking for Serena and Natalie—and for the world itself.

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