Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Don't know if anyone else caught the first episode of Longmire on Sunday night, but I did and I liked it quite a lot.  There are some rough parts, but I believe they'll get that ironed out soon enough.  My favorite part is the wide open landscape.  Pretty country.


Tom Roberts said...

Hi Mel,

Yes, I watched it an enjoyed it too. I agree that there were some rough parts, or perhaps awkward parts, primarily I thought it the initial 20 minutes or so as they tried to get some back story in place.

On the whole I found it enjoyable and am looking forward to episode 2.

Turnout was good. A&E drew a sizeable audience. The Washington Post reports 4 million viewers tuned in for Longmire, sharing: "That crowd makes it the network’s No. 1 original series premiere of all time and cable TV’s No. 1 new scripted drama series of 2012 to date."


Tom Roberts
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Mel Odom said...

Yeah, I think they were trying to cover too much history, but the stories work because there is a lot of history. I saw the piece on the audience share. I'd say that bodes well, and it makes me curious if America is ready for cowboy style heroes again. JUSTIFIED seems to be doing really well too.