Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yes, I Met Richard Dreyfuss!

People that know me know I go to San Diego Comic Con with one burning desire: to take as many pictures of myself with scantily-clad superheroine babes as I can. (Please rest assured, those are coming.)

However, Tony, a buddy who's an art director at Harlequin where I was signing, found Richard Dreyfuss wandering around and brought him to our booth. It was a major coup!

Richard was incredibly bright, witty, and charming. You don't always get that. He's a guy you can meet and talk to.

I got my picture taken with him, and even my son Shiloh wanted his picture taken with him as well. But we were both so blown away that we forgot to get autographs!

My favorite Richard Dreyfuss quote is from Jaws: We're gonna need a bigger boat!

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