Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sterling Gates Takes Over DC Comics Supergirl Title!

Starting with issue #34, Sterling is going to be scripting the adventures of the Teen of Steel. He's going to be part of a tightly knit Superman franchise involving Geoff Johns and James Robinson. This is a BIG deal, people, and I'm very excited for him.

I've known Sterling for years. He graduated from OU and worked at the comics shop (Speeding Bullet Comics) where I met him. Working on comics and movies are all he's ever dreamed of doing.

Speeding Bullet Comics owner Matt Price plans to stock plenty of issues in October when Supergirl #34 comes out. But you might want to get your copy ordered early. Supergirl is getting plenty of buzz with this latest announcement, and copies are going to go fast.

Shiloh and I got to see Sterling and talk to him while at San Diego Comics Con and (you can tell from the picture at his signing) he's as happy as can be.

Now if only he could get Sarah Michelle Gellar into the Supergirl suit!

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