Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ask Aida On Food Network!

For years I've been a big fan of Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals and the other shows she's done. I've always enjoyed Rachel's down-to-earth presentation and girl next door approach.

As a husband, I've watched my share of food and remodeling shows, had recipes tested on me and watched in helpless terror as the house I worked so hard to pay for was torn apart.

This morning, I found a new show and hostess that won me over. Aida Mollenkamp was just awesome. Easy on the eyes, fun, and energetic.

I loved Aida's laidback style and easy manner. The meal she prepared looked fantastic, and she had a blast prepping it and talking to her tech guru, Noah Starr.

While Aida worked on the meal, Noah interrupted her with questions from the show's fans. Some of the questions came over the phone, over email, and over video clips. I really enjoyed the way the show was integrated with today's tech.

Over the years, I've come to relax as I watched the frenzy in the kitchen come to a boil. I especially enjoy the candy competitions and Ace of Cakes because of the human drama.

There's no human drama on Ask Aida, Noah and Aida's lively banter and the torrent of questions kept the show's pace up dramatically.

They look good together and seem to have a lot of fun on the show.

If you haven't tried the show, you should. The premise is engaging and Aida is easy to warm to because she isn't totally polished yet (this was only her sixth show) and has a lot of natural charm. Noah has the same qualities, and watching the two of them together is a pleasure.

Look at that smile!

For more information, check out the show here.

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