Sunday, November 23, 2008

Webcam Eyeball

I love tech, and the more it smacks of all the SF movies that I grew up with, the more I like it.

This story is incredible. Even more incredible is that it hasn't been done yet. A 35-year old artist wants to equip her prosthetic eye with a webcam so she can stream everything she sees. Want to bet this turns up in an espionage movie coming soon?

Here's your link.

In the meantime, the webcam stuff is getting so small it would be interesting to see where you could put them now. I remember an old television show called SEARCH (wiki) that featured micro cameras and radios. We're at that stage people.

Privacy may soon be one of those things people talk about but never have the chance to experience. Although, given how much time most people spend on the phone or on the Net, privacy may not have much value for most folks these days. I still enjoy it.

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