Monday, November 24, 2008

The New Tomb Raider Game Is Coming!

It's a time of celebration in my house. Tomb Raider is one of those video games that draws everyone out of hiding in my house as we all try to solve the puzzles and physical feats Lara Croft has to manage.

We've been playing the series for years, and had almost given up on it until the brand was given to a new developer.

Now the old magic is back. Archeological digs...

...climbing action...

...lots of enemies and gunplay...

...and hair-raising leaps.

Lara Croft has always been a real swinger!

Always been one to walk the thin line between death and disaster.

On the land or in the sea, Lara's always been a daredevil.

And she has such big guns!

Puzzles, traps, and tigers -- oh my!

I can't wait.

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