Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doc Wilde Coming in May '09!

I've been a Doc Savage fan for almost 40 years, as of my birthday this week. I discovered the Bantam reprints with the famous James Bama covers on them in 6th grade and fell in love with the globe-trotting adventures. At the time, there was nothing like them. He was my generation's Harry Potter.

While cruising the pulp sites today (because I haven't let go of my love for pulpy goodness), I found the Doc Wilde book cover. I pre-ordered my copy immediately from Amazon.

And I found more information about the author and the books here. Evidently this book is the first of a series.

I hope they seriously rock!

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Tim said...

Hi, Mel.

I hope they rock, too. Doc Wilde is a real labor of love for me.

Thanks for the mention.


Tim Byrd