Friday, December 05, 2008

John Zakour's New Retro/Futuristic Zach Johnson PI Novel Is Out!

I love these covers. They're what first pulled me to the books. Zakour writes a fun SF/private eye pastich that's light and frothy. No brain strain here, and they're perfect for a lazy weekend.

I miss the golden days of science fiction when everything seemed so big and so wondrous. The stuff that science is able to do these days is even more fantastic than I'd ever believed we see, but everything seems inner directed instead of outward to all those exciting planets I'd imagined while growing up.

Zakour allows me to be that 12 year old kid again, and I appreciate that. If you haven't read the series, you should look into it.

I especially love the stressed look of the older covers. They look like old pulp magazines you'd find in some forgotten corner of a swap shop. Sadly, the newer editions seem to be getting away from that, but I still enjoy the cheesy good girl art.

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