Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eartha Kitt, RIP

My earliest memories of Eartha Kitt were of her in the role of Catwoman on Batman in the 1960s. She replaced long-time fave, Julie Newmar. When Ms. Kitt stepped into the catsuit, she brought a whole new air of menace to Catwoman.

It wasn't until I was growing up and started hearing her sing on variety shows that I realized how talented she was as a singer. And it wasn't until I was a man looking back on the turbulent years I grew up in that I realized how daring and earth-moving she really was.

She made her career and her life her own, and every time I saw her she seemed full of zest and challenge. I still remember her as Catwoman when I first think of her, but she was so very much more.

My 11 year old knew her as Yzma from The Emperor's New School on Disney, so we've both lost someone from our childhoods who was dear to us.

Eartha, God bless, and thanks for all the memories.

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