Friday, August 20, 2010

Car Wrap for Authors?

I keep seeing more and more of these cars.  I don't mean the one above, but other vehicles advertising different products and businesses.  I saw one just this morning.

The specialized paint job is called "vehicle wrap."

And, of course, it got me thinking.  Should authors get a new paint job every year to advertise their latest book?  That seems like a good idea.  But what if you write more than one book a year?  If you write two books, can you split the advertising space down the middle?  But then which side would face passing traffic and which side face pedestrians?  Which would have more of an impact?

Or maybe you could split the car for and aft.  But then which to put on front and which to put on back?  These questions continue to pile up.

On top of that, writers tend to be introverted people.  Would they be comfortable tooling around in a vehicle that looks like you just left NASCAR?  One thing is for certain, your spouse wouldn't ask to borrow your car.

And what if your book totally tanked in the bookstores?  At least you'd be inspired to write a better book next time.


Lissette Monroe said...

A book advertisement on a car would be a good idea. And, you’re right! Advertisements like this are not new anymore. Vehicle wrapping is a great investment for promoting your business. There are millions of drivers around the city that will surely take your business to many people every day. A visual and repetitive advertisement is effective. It creates additional credibility for your business. - Lissette Monroe

James Slusser said...

Great post, I really like the picture. The Van reminds me of my college roadtrip.

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