Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Coming Soon!


First Lieutenant Heath Bridger joined the Marine Reserves to live away from his controlling attorney father.  Lionel Bridger had Heath’s life all mapped out for him to become an attorney at his prestigious law firm, and he resents his wayward son’s interest in serving his country.  With an emotional court case hanging in the balance, a new murder trial starting up that pits rival gang members against him on all fronts, deployment to Afghanistan is the last thing Heath needs. Assigned to a search and rescue operation for a medical team gone missing in the mountains, Heath struggles to get his personal and professional life together while surviving his military life.

Taliban leader Tayyabb Bukhsh fights to take back his country, killing all who stand against him.  But his pursuit of Dr. John Howard’s group is personal.  One of the men with Howard took something precious from Bukhsh, and there will be a reckoning.

With everything back home threatening to overwhelm him and the Taliban forces arrayed against him in hostile territory, Heath fights to survive against all odds with the help of fellow Marines Corporal Bekah Shaw and ex-biker Pike Morgan.

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