Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dick Grayson...Superspy?

Dick Grayson is dead?  And reborn as a superspy?
I dunno.  They just killed off Damian/Robin.  Dead Jason Todd is now the Red Hood -- and a good guy.  Tim Drake is still Red Robin, but he's been shuffled to the wayside.
I'm thinking maybe this is jumping the shark.  I'll give it a look, but it seems strange seeing Dick with a gun in his hand.
And the USA Today article has it wrong when it says Dick never had his "Lex Luthor."  In the original Batman series, Dick always figured out Two-Face.  In the TV show in the 1960s, the Riddler hated him.  As Nightwing, he had all kinds of enemies.
The New DC 52 has cancelled over half of their original startup run, and kept adding books.  Many of them have been interesting, so the publishers have been doing well.  And it is books like these that bring readers like me back to the pages to see what's going on over there.


Tom Doolan said...

Will he now be played by Tom Cruise?

Mel Odom said...

One can only hope.