Saturday, June 17, 2006

Signing at Steve Byas Books

Just a note to let anyone who's interested know that I'll be signing at Steve Byas' Book Store tomorrow, Saturday June 17th, from 1 pm to 3pm. The book store is located at 627 N. Broadway in the Sooner Shopping Center in Moore. The phone number is 799-5701.

I got back from the doctor today and found out I haven't broken my foot, but I did manage to tear my plantar faschia, the big group of tendons that wraps around the back of your ankle and anchors all your toes. It's what puts the "spring" in your step. As an added note, it is NOT fun to tear it. Feels like someone set your foot on fire! But it eventually swells to a really fantastic purple color.

Dr. Dean Ross has been taking care of me for a few years. I really enjoy my time with him. (Not the being sick or being hurt part, but the educational value that comes from getting a particularly virulent infection or cold, or an injury.) Dr. Ross takes time to answer my questions, and I always manage to have a few.

Where do you think those ideas for books come from?

Which begs the question, what's the most interesting injury or illness you've had?

And writers, which illnesses and injuries have you had that you've passed on to your characters?

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