Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everybody's A Writer!

Man, everywhere you go people are jumping into the big children's market that's out there. Although I really think it's so big because adults have discovered kids' books are the bomb and are double-dipping by buying them for their kids and reading them themselves. I know I do. And I even buy books that Chandler will like "later, when he grows up a little." It's inexcusable really. I should just own up to the fact that I like kids' books.

Anyway, tonight I discovered one of my favorite actresses and her brother have penned what looks like the first the first book in a series.

The actress is Gina Gershon (, who has been in a ton of stuff. You'll probably recognize her from something. Or you can check her out at

I think she's totally hawt, but she also seems like someone you could sit down and talk to about stuff. And that she might actually have something to say.

About the book:

From Amazon: Einstein P. Fleet is shipped off to summer camp against his will for a summer of fun and fresh air. Stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the eccentric boy soon discovers that the haunt is little more than an alien-run smuggling operation run by the counselors who are turning his fellow campers into monsters, with plans of selling them to an intergalactic zoo. Unable to convince anyone of the dire situation, it's up to Einstein to save the others and himself in the process.

I've got it ordered and will let you know what I think after Chandler and I read it.

But man! There's competition everywhere!


Ron Simpson said...

I agree Gina is HAWT squared. She was the only redeeming thing about Showgirls.

Mel Odom said...

That's where I first really noticed her. Then I found out she'd been in a lot of stuff I'd seen. She'd just never stood out before.