Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Alex Rider, Teen Spy, Returns In 7th Thrilling Adventure On November 13!

Anyone who hasn't discovered this series by Anthony Horowitz needs to get with the program. These books are thrilling and entertaining, and filled with spy gadgets. Not only that, but Horowitz's writing crosses over splendidly for adults and kids alike, making this series one you can share with your kids by reading to the young one or handing them off to your teens.

Alex Rider is a 14-year-old spy pressed into service by his country. For all his life he's been trained to become a spy, but until his uncle Ian was murdered and he went looking for answers, he never knew that. Now that he does know that, he's not particularly happy about it, but he meets challenges and opponents head-on.

Last year there was no new Alex Rider book in England. In the past, the books have always been published one year earlier than in the United States. I guess it just took us a little while longer to catch onto a good thing. As of this year, the further adventures of Alex Rider will be published at about the same time internationally. According to the schedule, the British fans of Alex Rider will get their release eight days earlier than the US November 13 street date.

Alex is a reluctant spy at best, but he's tremendously physical and intelligent. Not just in book smarts, but in street smarts as well. Since his job generally is to survive, he's become quite adept at that.

The books carry a strong flavor of the 007 brand. The villains are all incredibly over-the-top and the fate of the world -- or at least a good portion of it -- is always at stake. And the gadgets! You'd never catch James Bond carrying a yo-yo that doubles as mountain climbing gear. The action is also top-notch, with martial arts mayhem thrown in with extreme sports.

The first book, Stormbreaker, has even come to the big screen in Operation: Stormbreaker and is now out on DVD. It's a fun show that parents and kids alike can watch and enjoy. It's along the lines of Special Agent Cody Banks.

Anthony Horowitz, the writer and creator of Alex Rider, has written books and television scripts. He's also known for his Diamond Brothers Detectives series, the current Power of Five fantasy series (known as the Gatekeepers series in the US), and several horror and mystery books.

He also created the BBC mystery series, Foyle's War set in England in the early years of World War II, and written for Midsomer Murders, Robin of Sherwood, Poirot, and others.

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