Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good Girl Art

I've been a fan of Good Girl Art since forever. One of my all-time favorites is Robert McGinnis, the artist whose work graced most of the mystery and private-eye Gold Medal books I read while growing up. Another was Greg Elvgren, who did many of the Good Girl Art Coke ads back in the day.

Elvgren is gone, but McGinnis is still working on the new Hardcase Crime books edited and published by Charles Ardai ( The books are a mix of old and new crime fiction.

The artist responsible for the above painting is Greg Orbik ( Here are a couple more he's done. (BTW, the cover is from the comic book series, American Century, by Howard Chaykin, who's a great artist himself.)


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Pulp novels are great. These covers remind me of Fleming's Bond books.

Mel Odom said...

Actually, I think McGinnis did a number of those. And these are strictly an homage to those.

Katie M. said...

all very, very sexy.