Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How A Writer's Mind Works

So I was reading an article on shipwrecks for a novel I'm reasearching. Two words jumped out at me.

Skeletons Recovered

Well, my mind went to work conjuring up all kinds of twists. Naturally the article was about skeletons being recovered from a shipwreck. I also thought that maybe a forensic anthropologist or investigator might rebuild the body from its basic framework.

You know, standard stuff you'd think.

However, and this is where the writer's mind/twisted vision fires up, what if it meant that skeletons lacking flesh could get recovered? Recovered in what? And why would they get recovered? Witness Protection for bony rats that tell everything they know? Anorexia victims who get made over for the funeral?

What about if they're skeletons with a drinking or drug problem that their human body gave them? What if in the afterlife they kept trying to keep up the habit, but since they have no stomach or lungs, they're constantly jonesing?

What if skeletons could run away? I mean, they carry a hundred and more pounds of living, breathing flesh that is basically parasitic. Maybe they got resentful, peeled the body off them, and headed down to Mexico. (I've seen some shirts from Mexico that suggest skeletons down in Mexico get totally wild!) So there are these puddles of flesh sitting around in Barcoloungers putting out bounties on runaway skeletons so they can be returned to a slave's existence.

Okay, I know I'm really tired. Now I gotta get back to work and try not to get distracted. That's one of the pains of having ADHD. However, ADHD also pays the bills around here too.

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Anonymous said...

Thats funny Mel.