Thursday, November 01, 2007

Green Lantern Coming To The Big Screen!

And I can't wait!

With all the computer graphics available now, this superhero can finally hit theaters in fantastic style. I hope they show it all: the hero stuff on earth,

the outer space adventures,

and the fantastic journeys to alien worlds.

This movie is going to focus on Hal Jordan. The Justice League live action movie that's supposed to be coming to the big screen in 2009 (and is supposed to go into production in 2008) will feature John Stewart, the black Green Lantern who was in the comics as Hal's second. Most of the younger audience are more familiar with him from the Justice League cartoons.

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Ron Simpson said...

Yeah, I have been waiting for this one too. Emerald Dawn was one of my favorite stories I have ever read. Now if they can just get Wonder Woman and The Flash up and running.

Have you seen the trailers for Iron Man?