Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holy Ransom Note, Batman!

My 11 year old is going to be rich one of these days, and I'm going to be broke. His quick and agile mind is always working. And he's starting to turn his incredible brain power to making money. Expect infomercials from this kid soon.

I accidentally left my phone in my wife's van the other day. I was supposed to meet a student for lunch to get some paperwork taken care of, but his number was in my cell phone and not in my computer address book.

I called Sherry and asked her for the number. She told me she was busy driving and that Chandler would have to get it for me.

After a moment, Chandler answered the phone in his sly, devious voice, and said, "We have the number. Do you have the money?"

Evidently, ransoming things is now a viable business in his financial lexicon. Of course, faced with the fading economy we're currently in, ransoming could be a lucrative line of work.

For those of you who want to skip the whole cut-and-paste routine with newspaper clippings, there is a ransom note generator you can find here.

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