Saturday, January 17, 2009

How Much Is That Robot Cat In The Window?

I usually start my morning by reading news articles at various websites. Some my favorites are the science pieces. I like to know what's coming next. Plus I admit to a heavy fascination with technology.

Today there was a piece about robot cats. The article discussed both the needs of humans for pets as well as the downside of pet ownership. Personally, I sometimes enjoy having them inthe house when I'm by myself. As long as they don't bother me. And I do enjoy watching my son play with them. He has a blast with them, and they have an affinity for him.

Also personally, I'm taking allergy shots once a week to help me control hay fever and sinus problems...after having surgery for the same. I'm highly allergic to cats as it turns out. My son has three cats. Do you see the quandry?

I went to pick my son up for lunch today. Usually when we have lunch, we talk about a lot of things. He's into science and technology and always has lots of questions about superheroes. Today I brought up the possibility of a robot cat.

Chandler assured me that a robot cat could not love a person nearly as much as a flesh and blood cat. I assured him that I could live with less love and that the robot cat could not make me sneeze nearly as much as a flesh and blood one. Plus you didn't have to feed or clean up after a robot cat. I thought I could sell him on that one alone.

I also explained the fun you can have with the robot cat. Need a statue? No problem. Just turn the robot cat off in whatever stance you want it in, meek or ferocious.

Need a paperweight? Use the above application and simply place the frozen cat wherever you need to.

Want a television remote upgrade? Simply program the robot cat with a blue-tooth application or infra-red relay. Then tell the robot cat what you want to watch on television. A serious upgrade would be where the robot cat would automatically record the programs you routinely watch. And if you're a guy watching racy movies at home and get caught, you can always blame it on having a defective robot cat.

There are various other uses for a robot cat that I can see. Yard defense would be perfect. Neighborhood dogs would no longer fertilize my lawn and create a stinky obstacle course.

But the one I think I would enjoy most of all would be programming the robot cat to answer the telephone.

"Hello, this is Mel's robot cat. Mel can't come to the phone right meow..."

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