Friday, January 16, 2009

What Is It That Makes A Made Bed So Comfortable?

Sherry made it back from Minnesota this evening. This morning when she got up it was 47° below. Most of the cars at the hotel she stayed at didn't start. She said there were a lot of people stranded in the lobby waiting till it warmed up. I hope that happened. I keep having this mental image of a lot of people stranded at the hotel like in a bad Twilight Zone episode.

Sherry was worn out after that 15 hour drive. She wanted to watch Will Peterson's last CSI episode, but I don't know if she made it through it. I'll check in the morning.

During the last couple of days, I have to admit I haven't made the bed. I guess I'm a bachelor at heart. And, honestly, Chandler and I have both been sick. Some great three days for Mom to be gone.

Anyway, Sherry went to bed. The first thing she did was make it all nice and neat. I was worn out from the cold I've been fighting and laid down for a while myself. I'm back up again because I'm waiting for Mucinex to kick in.

The thing that amazed me is how comfortable the bed felt after Sherry made it. The bed hadn't changed at all, but there's something about the sheets, blankets, and comforter all been neatly arranged that really feels different. Something so simple can make such a big difference. Usually I don't go to bed till I'm passing out at the computer. But tonight, when I just felt bad, that neatly made bed felt amazing.

It's weird how you forget the little things and take them for granted so much.

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