Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Son's Twisted Humor!

Sherry left on Tuesday to go to a funeral in Minnesota. Chandler, my eleven year old, and I have been bachelors since. He got up sick Tuesday morning, though. He has chronic asthma and this is a bad time of year. I've been having some problems myself with sinus headaches. When I start to getting them, I usually start Mucinex almost immediately to eliminate sinus drainage, which is a primary source of my asthma flare-ups.

Chandler is too young for Mucinex. His biggest problem is from the drainage going on right now. He missed school yesterday and today. This morning I took him to his doctor and got some antibiotics as well as other medicines. So he's going to be better soon.

But getting back to my child's twisted sense of humor--I know it's not all his fault. He's been brought up around me all his life, and truth to tell my wife isn't much better. She's just more practiced at hiding her twisted nature.

Anyway, I had to get my weekly allergy shot Tuesday morning. On the way back, Chandler and I stopped at Taco Bell for a late breakfast/early lunch. We got it to go so we could go back home and feel miserable together. And maybe catch cartoons.

While we were waiting in the drive-thru line, Chandler had a really bad coughing fit. I told him he was going to cough up a lung. He immediately fired back, "If I do, I'm going to sell it."

My kid. Probably other people would love him, but NO ONE else would understand him.


Anonymous said...

That's funy Mel!

Mel Odom said...

Chandler continues to surprise me with his wry sense of humor. He totally understands and appreciates the concept of sarcasm.