Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thor Movie Trailer

When I was growing up on comics, figuring out why I always wanted to use my powers for good, I never dreamed that most of those heroes would one day end up on movies screens.  Adults just didn't get the comics heroes and didn't want to hear about them.  I can still remember when I found out the television show The Avengers was about British secret agents and not about Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the Hulk.  Of course, Diana Rigg made up for that somewhat in my adolescent years when I fell in love with the reruns.

I've got five kids.  Only two of them know most of the superheroes and their secret identities.  My two youngest boys are big comics kids too.  Don't know where I went wrong with the first three.

Today my son Shiloh hit me up with the info about the new Thor movie trailer hitting the internet.  He keeps up with these things better than I do.

I've been keeping up with the movie stuff pretty much, and I have to admit that I was pretty stoked when I saw the teaser that was on at the end of the Hulk movie.  After seeing the movie trailer, I'm a little wary but stoked anyway.  The plot looks like a redemption thing, which is pretty cool, but if Thor isn't in the costume swinging Mjolnir a lot of the time, I'm gonna be disappointed.

I loved the original Thor series by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  There was a lot of power and pathos in the push/pull between Dr. Don Blake and Thor, about which one of them was the real man.  Of course, later those two identities got raked over the coals as writers tried to find new ways to twist the conceit.  Personally, I really like what J. Michael Stracyznski did with the series when he had it.  The idea of Thor living in Oklahoma was the bomb.

I think everyone enjoys a falling from grace story and a guy on the comeback trail, the kind of character that sees where he has done wrong and has a chance to balance the scales.  Very few of the Thor stories in the comics were like this, but the plot has been touched on.  The Norse mythos are rich with possibilities and interesting characters, so over the years much was added and twisted.

On May 6, I'm going to be in the theater cheering Thor on, and hoping they get this one right.  I've really liked the Iron Man movies, looking forward to the Captain America movie, and am wondering what they think they're doing rebooting the Spider-Man franchise.  But these are the heroes I grew up with and I'm getting to see something I never thought I would.  Bring on the heroes!  The fans are waiting!

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